DPF Services

Please note: Please be aware DPF removal is for motor racing or off road motor sport vehicles only. It is illegal in NSW to drive a car on the road if DPF removal has taken place due to environmental regulatory conditions currently in place.

The diesel particulate filter (DPF) system has become a new norm for diesel cars as a result of regulatory emission standards for manufacturers. The system is made up of the particulate filter, a maintenance system and a monitoring system. As the soot is collected through the particulate filter, the DPF eventually becomes blocked.

The DPF system will attempt to correct the blockages through active regeneration. Active regeneration is controlled by the stock ECU whereby your diesel injectors input small amounts of diesel into the exhaust in order to raise the temperature within the DPF to over 600 degrees Celsius.

The manufacturers advertisements will state this active regen will bring your DPF into a renewed state, however that is far from the truth. Most cars will never reach the temperatures needed to burn the build-up of soot in their DPF system.

This leaves you with the option of spending $3500 - $7000 on the out of warranty replacement of a DPF system or alternatively speak to us about 1sane DPF delete through ECU chip tuning. Whether your DPF system has put your car into limp mode, throttled its performance or set off warning lights in your car – we can be a cost effective solution to an expensive problem.