ECU Tuning

Your car’s on-board ECU has the ability to control the power output, torque and responsiveness of your engine. It is the brain that controls the mechanical components of the car such as its air/fuel ratio, idle speed and variable valve control. Car manufacturers set limits on the ECU to control the fuel efficiency, fit within emission regulation and other factors involving climate differentials and operating altitudes.

The average consumer wants to drive a car that is designed with restrictions, standard city driving and tax minimisation in mind. Your car was designed to fit within a marketing strategy for that average driver.

But you aren’t the average driver.

We can modify your cars ECU to suit the needs of a car enthusiast, an enthusiast who wants to maximise the engines capability. To increase its power output, optimize acceleration, reduce lag, and boost pressure and optimize airflow. We will allow your car to achieve its potential, customized to the way you want to drive it.