Frequently Asked Questions

Is it harmful to my car?

Other ECU tuners will make promises that theoretically can be achieved, but will be detrimental to your cars longevity. Don’t make the expensive mistake of going to a tuner who is only focused on the tune without understanding how it affects the car in its entirety.

1nsane’s remapping process is designed for optimization and enhancement. Our software understands the limits of your car and we will push it to that limit, but not beyond it. Cars designed to race are pushed to the limit to extract every horse power possible from the engine while cars designed for the road are designed to maximize warranty requirements and fuel efficiency. We will make sure you meet that middle ground that you desire, but not go over the limit that can detrimentally affect your car.

What if I change my mind?

Rarely will anyone want to revert the changes they have made after getting an 1nsane chip tune. However, for whatever reason you may want to – it can be done. When you initially bring your car in to be remapped, we take a flash capture of the state of your ECU and store it safely on our servers. You will then have the option to have your car remapped back to its factory default.

How will this work?

Bring your car into our workshop in Artarmon. We will take a flash capture of your ECU state and analyse the improvements that can be made to suit your needs. We will then send the stats to our tech-heads from 1nsane Lithuania who will send us optimized ECU remapping configuration for your car. We then use that configuration to reconfigure and remap your car’s ECU.

Your car will be driving to its full capabilities the very next day.